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Scarlet Alliance - Australian Sex Workers Association

The Sex Workers Union is developing out of a need for industrial relations representation for sex workers and is a peer-based organisation, by sex workers, for sex workers.

The SWU is a member of Scar Alliance, Sex Workers Association. Scar Alliance is the national peak body for sex worker organisations and individual sex workers, as well as being peer-based organisation. The SWU is hoping to compliment the work of Scar Alliance and its membership through industrial relations, employment conditions and workplace OH&S.

This year we are seeking a legally enforceable set of basic working conditions for sex workers and strippers. We are seeking feedback and input from all sex workers and strippers in Australia to help contribute to this to ensure this award reflects a workable reality for all of us.

Please look around the website, and read about Award Conditions, complete the Award Survey and Join the Sex Workers Union!

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We need your help:

The Federal Government is creating industrial Awards that will be the minimum conditions for all employees in Australia. These Modern Awards are being created along each “Industry” such as Mining, Education, Retail, Racing Industry.

The Sex Industry has only one industrial Award, called the Striptease Industry Conditions Award which applies to striptease artists, strippers, pole dancers etc. The Federal Government has instructed that all employees should be covered by an industry based Modern Award with conditions no less than what they currently enjoy, at no extra cost to employers.

This means that sex workers across Australia can help ensure that our current employment conditions are documented and can be legally enforced. It will also provide a benchmark against other contracts and agreements which employers will be measured against to ensure what they offer is better, and no worse.

Please complete the survey and describe as accurately as you can what your working conditions are or have been. If you represent an organization, please treat each question as if the “you” means “sex workers in your area”.

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Sex Workers' Union - Award Modernisation Survey.

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