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Scarlet Alliance - Australian Sex Workers Association
About the SWU

The Sex Workers Union is on its way to being a registered, recognized trade union in the Federal industrial relations system. There is a lot of work ahead of us, but we have a dedicated team working on building the union of sex workers and taking us through the registration process and Award Conditions.

Aims, Objectives, Constitution

The Sex Workers' Union is a Network of Sex Workers, there to protect the rights of, provide referrals for and to support all our members and each other.

The Sex Workers' Union will maintain and improve work conditions for sex workers in Australia.

The Sex Workers' Union will become a formal registered union and remain a member of Scarlet Alliance and support Scarlet Alliance and its members.

The Sex Workers' Union is a member of Scarlet Alliance, Australian Sex Workers Association. The Sex Workers' Union members also must agree to the objectives of Scarlet Alliance.

Objectives of Scarlet Alliance

  • To promote the civil and human rights of past and present sex workers and to work toward ending all forms of discrimination against them;
  • To lobby for legal and administrative frameworks which do not discriminate against sex workers;
  • To challenge any government at any time when and where it implements legislation, regulations, rules, policies or law enforcement practices which are discriminatory and /or repressive to the rights and autonomy of sex workers;
  • To actively promote the right of all sex workers to work in whatever area of their chosen occupation, including street, brothel, escort, private and opportunistic work.
  • To actively work towards guaranteeing the right of all sex workers to optimum occupational health and safety provisions. This will promote conditions where safe sex and general health knowledge can be converted to safe work practices. Furthermore, challenge any legislation, policy or process which does not so promote the rights of the worker;
  • To strive to eradicate sex worker stereotypes and stigmatization in the popular consciousness and to communicate the diversity of ideas, opinions and aspirations of past and present sex workers;
  • To liaise with international sex worker rights groups in the development of regional and international networks, programs and objectives;
  • To support sex workers and sex worker organizations to become more politically active.
  • To enhance the capacity of sex workers to participate in advancing their rights and build networks & organizations.
  • To gather and disseminate sex industry related information to members.

These objects are undertaken in order to advance sex worker rights.


What is this about?
This is about promoting rights and equality of people in the adult entertainment business.

How can I become involved?
Use the contact page to contact us for more info

Do you accept volunteers?
Yes. Contact us we can use the help.

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